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Can I take Advil with my Diazepam?

5 heart medications-no clear answer why?

Are there doctors or PA's who specialize in reviewing the patient meds? What would be their titles especially the PA.

Can I take Xanax while on Vivitrol?

Weaning off of Klonopin after 6 months on it?

Trying to wean off after 6 months on 1mg Headaches every day right now down to .50mg Will the headaches go away after weaning completely off ?

Does escitalopram cause weight gain?

I have recently been prescribed 5mg escitalopram as my anxiety and depression is at its worst but my only problem is really don’t want to gain weight as I am struggling with it.

Is there a generic for Restasis eye drops?

Can I half my Zoloft dosage at first?

How come the affects of Ativan change on me?

I’ve been taking Ativan since 2020 as needed, 1mg. It used to make me feel perfect, calm and collected, mellow, chill, even happy and made me more creative in thoughts, I felt “there”, clear minded, giggly. I’ve been taking it as prescribed but 4 days ago it’s been...

If take smaller dose sildenafil 25mg or 50mg does that reduce side effects especially vision?

Just been sildenafil by my Gp and have concerns about side effects especially vision and heart beat per minute

Levonorgestrel - Hello, I'm a student. I want to ask about morning after pill?

I took morning pill 3 weeks ago, but my period still not coming. I have stress, I can't concentrate on anything. I don't know what to do if I'm pregnant. Intolerable

I have tried other medications for my anxiety and had to discontinue due to bad side affects?

How well does Effexor work for anxiety GAD ?

Can I use Voltaren Gel and take 3 extra strength acetaminophen?

I developed arthritis in my lower back from open heart surgery 2 years ago. I have tried 2 different procedures of shots in my back, which wore off in weeks. Since then I have been using Voltaren and exercising every morning. Recently I noticed the pain lingering after the Voltaren so I looked into...

Clindamycin does clear up an actual abscess?

I have an abscess above my tooth that wasn't there (I don't think) when I went to the dentist but I did have infection in my mouth so he gave me clindamycin. I have an abscess now so I'm just making sure it will clear it up?

Is sermorelin safe for a 76 year old woman?

Why do legs hurt while sleeping at night?

Why do leg veins twitch and hurt?