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Symptom Checker Guides - A to Z


Knee Pain


Leg Swelling (Edema) during Pregnancy Leg Swelling (Edema), New Onset Lightheaded with Standing Loss of Control of Urine in Men Loss of Control of Urine in Women Low Back Pain Lumps or Pain Within the Scrotum


Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods


Nail Problems Nausea and Vomiting Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy Neck Pain Never Started Menstrual Periods New Onset Dizziness Numbness or Tingling Nutrition Assessment for Infants and Toddlers


Osteoarthritis of the Knee


Pain in the Eye Painful Menstrual Cramps Painful or Frequent Urination in Men Penis Pain, Sores, Discharge or Lumps Persistent Cough Persistent Knee Swelling Pink or Red Eyes in Children Positive ANA Positive Rheumatoid Factor Problems With Vision


Rash in Children Rash in Newborns Raynaud's Rectal Bleeding Rectal Pain or Itching Recurring Abdominal Pain Risk of Iron Deficiency in Children


Sexual Problems in Men Shortness of Breath in Adults Shortness of Breath in Infants and Children Shortness of Breath In Pregnancy Shoulder Pain Smell and Taste Loss Sore Throat Sore Throat in Children Sudden Hearing Loss Swallowing Difficulty Swollen Glands (General) Swollen Glands in the Neck


Tinnitus Treating the Common Cold in Children Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Children Treatment of Impotence Treatment of Warts in Children Tremor


Understanding New and Severe Abdominal Pain Understanding PSA Unexplained Weight Gain Unexplained Weight Gain in Children Unexplained Weight Loss in Children Unintentional Weight Loss


Vaginal Discharge, Itching or Irritation Vaginal Dryness Vaginal Pain or Discomfort Vaginal Sores and Lumps Vomiting in Infants Vomiting or Nausea in Children


Wheezing in Adults When Menstrual Periods Stop Wrist Pain